Our Secure Document Exchange facility can be accessed from any internet connection, anywhere in the world and provides a secure, online file transfer and storage service. The Secure Document Exchange makes it easy for our clients to exchange confidential information from us, such as accounting information, corporate finance documents and tax returns.

There will then be no need to post documents, disks or CDs. There is peace of mind in that what is sent is confidential and cannot be accessed by anyone else or be read in an email.
Accounts, tax returns and any other documents you wish to store securely can be kept safe in your individual password-protected online folder. Then in your own time, you can download them whenever it is convenient to you. Documents are then always accessible to you in the future by simply logging-in.

If you have a user account already set up, please login.

If you do not have an account, simply email us or telephone us on 01708 857 001 and we will set up an account for you immediately.