Confirmation statement to replace annual return

A new confirmation statement is due to replace the annual return from June 2016.

Companies will be required to provide information to the registrar at least once a year. This can be delivered as a confirmation statement.

Unlike annual returns, there are no set dates to submit a confirmation statement during the year. However, no more than 12 months can be passed from the original statement when submitted.

Companies will need to ‘check and confirm’ their information and inform Companies House if any changes would like to be made.

The differences between the confirmation statement and the annual return include:

  • Where elections have been made to keep any legal registers at Companies House, a statement confirming all information on those registered will need to be submitted
  • Where a company is exempt from keeping a PSC register, a statement is required of the fact that it is exempt, unless the information has not changed since it was last provided
  • A requirement to supply the information on a company’s PSC register, unless the company is exempt or has elected to keep its PSC register at Companies House.

All companies and limited liability partnerships (LLPS) must now keep a register of persons with significant control (PSC).

Companies are required to record the information of individuals with significant control on a PSC register and filed with Companies House from 30 June 2016.

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