Graduates embrace entrepreneurial spirit

Almost a sixth of graduates plan to start their own business, according to research by Direct Line for Business.

The survey of more than 1,000 degree holders found that 15% have entrepreneurial aspirations and launch a startup of their own. The results also showed that many graduates begin to operate their own business while they are studying, with over 52,000 current students doing so.

The research found that of those graduates who are planning to start a business:

  • 45% want to remain independent and be their own boss
  • 27% think running a business will be more lucrative than working for another company
  • 19% want to start a business because they worry about job prospects after leaving university.

The majority of would-be entrepreneurs came from courses in the creative arts and design fields (26%), with those with medical and dental qualifications following behind (17%).

Jane Guaschi, business manager at Direct Line for Business, said:

“The research goes to show that we are truly a nation of entrepreneurs. It’s encouraging to know that companies such as Google, Facebook, WordPress, Asceno, and even Time Magazine, which were all founded by students at university, are inspiring the millennial generation to strike out on their own.

“The latest generation of graduates is clearly fiercely independent and wanting to control the destiny of their own careers, rather than answering to anyone else.”