RTI is here, find out how it affects you.

Real Time Information (or RTI) is an HMRC directive designed to improve and streamline the flow of payroll, National Insurance and tax information between employers and HMRC by requiring information to be submitted before each payday.

The scheme is a requirement for all SMEs as of 6th April 2013. RTI represents a major shift for payroll operations, and prior to launch was described as “the biggest change since the introduction of PAYE in 1944.” HMRC will be doling out hefty fines for non-compliant businesses, so RTI responsibilities are not to be scoffed at.

The good news for ABK clients, though, is that our software lends itself perfectly to RTI, and actually means less work for everyone now the scheme is up and running! With RTI in operation, P35s and P14s are no longer needed, and our software simply files information through the Government Gateway every time a company director pays themselves or pays their employees through our payroll services.

Best of all, our RTI system is totally seamless and included in our monthly fee (provided you operate payroll as recommended by our accountants), with no fiddly extra payroll packages, no software patches or instruction manuals!

Find out how to become RTI-compliant for no extra cost. Alternatively speak to an advisor on 01708 857 001.