Company formations.

We believe that working through a limited company is the best way to protect yourself legally and maximise income for freelancers and contractors.

Previously the fear of bureaucracy, increased responsibility, and the possibility of fines from HMRC and Companies House kept many from incorporating.

With ABK, however, these extra responsibilities are taken care of, so there’s really no reason not to form a limited company.

You don’t even have to worry about incorporation – sign up to ABK and your account manager will handle your company formation on your behalf, often in just an hour or two.

  • Tax efficiency – more take-home pay than traditional accountants or umbrella companies!
  • We’ll deal with the taxman on your behalf – avoid the accounting jargon and HMRC’s hold times!
  • Limited liability to protect your personal assets
  • All the extra limited company paperwork included in our monthly fee
  • We can do your Self Assessment too!

To get advice about working as a limited company and the service ABK can provide, call one of our advisors on 01708 857 001.