Young worker’s job prospects set to improve

The number of employers who say they are planning to hire apprentices and school leavers has risen, according to data from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD).

As part of the latest Labour Market Outlook, the CIPD surveyed 931 employers about the labour market. The report suggests that employer confidence remains strong with more expecting to take on more staff.

According to the CIPD, it is younger workers who stand to benefit, with:

  • 33% of those surveyed planned to hire apprentices
  • 26% plan to take on more graduates
  • 12% want to take on school leavers.

This figures complement recent Office of National Statistics data showing that the employment rate for 16-24 year olds not in full time education has risen to the level it was at in 2008 (74%).

However, when looking to fill vacancies, 50% of the employers surveyed prefer to train and increase the skills of their current staff.
Grewyn Davies, labour market analyst for the CIPD, said:

“The increase in the number of high-quality apprenticeships and the ongoing recruitment pressures faced by employers should mean that the pathway to sustainable employment will be within the reach of more young people.

“Looking further ahead, the introduction of the national living wage may boost the attractiveness of employing workers ages below 25 further, which could see young people reverse recent trends by becoming the new winners in a new era for the jobs market.”