1.4 million businesses still set to start auto-enrolment

Auto-enrolment continues to provide distinct challenges for both smaller and larger companies as around 1.4 million businesses are still due to begin the process between now and 2018.

According to ,, 64% of large businesses find auto-enrolment straightforward compared to 24% of small businesses.

Employers are due to increase their contributions to 3% by 2019, while employee contributions will rise to 5%.

Research by Now Pensions found that a small number of firms (3%) are currently concerned about implementing auto-enrolment, with their biggest concerns being sales and finance.

Andy Curran, managing director, corporate and business solutions at Aviva, said:

“The number of people saving has increased considerably, which is clearly positive, but many of these people don’t know where their money is invested and don’t ever review their pension.

“The last three and half years of auto-enrolment have been hugely positive in boosting retirement saving but they are just the start of the journey. If people want to genuinely thrive, not just survive, in retirement, then there is much more work to be done.”

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