Business premises renovation allowance ends

Business premises renovation allowance (BPRA), which started on 11 April 2007, ends on 31 March 2017 for corporation tax and 5 April 2017 for income tax.

The 100% allowance applies to qualifying spending when converting or renovating unused business premises in a disadvantaged area.

Spending that qualifies for the relief includes:

  • Building work
  • Architectural and design services
  • Planning applications

The building must have been unused for at least 1 year to qualify. It needs be used for:

  • Letting
  • A trade
  • A profession
  • A vocation
  • Offices

Businesses who don’t claim the full BPRA may be able to claim for writing down allowances on a yearly rate of 25%.

Contact ABK today to discuss allowance you can claim.

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