Faster tax repayments through personal tax account

Taxpayers using their online personal tax account can receive tax repayments directly from HMRC, without the need of sending a cheque, making a phone call or going to the bank.

Any overpaid tax will be returned directly to their bank account within 3-5 days.

The webchat service is also available for customers who need assistant with their online tax accounts.

Along with the services, individuals can do the following:

  • View and update personal details
  • Calculated tax
  • See the progress of forms
  • Check their level of state pension
  • Find out about marriage allowance and making a claim
  • View tax credit payments and reporting changes.

The move comes as part of the wider government strategy to provide all individuals and businesses with digital tax accounts by 2020.

Ruth Owen, director general of customer service, HMRC said:

“This new service puts customers in control of their tax affairs allowing them to claim any money owing to them immediately. They can claim at a time that suits them, from a device of their choice, securely, and without needing to wait for a cheque in the post.”

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