Inclusive workplaces linked to productivity

Businesses need to take more action in making their workplaces inclusive to staff, according to the Confederation of Business Industry (CBI).

A new report focuses on how effective leadership, increased employee engagement and inclusive recruitment can lead to more productivity and engagement at work.

The report recommends:

Employee Engagement
Engagement is a complex process, but it can be measured. Establishing regular surveys can establish a baseline that can then be used as a foundation for improvements.

CBI figures show that 72% of employees are highly engaged in organisations where both employees and leaders are perceived to be effective.

Flexible Working
Employers should offer flexible working to help staff meet their responsibilities in and outside of work.

Recruitment Practices
Employers should consider diverse recruitment routes and extending competency based assessment to challenge unconscious bias.

Performance and Development
Implementing clear and supportive progression routes, commitment to helping staff develop their skills and appraisals for short term commercial performance.

Paul Drechsler, president at CBI, said:

“Inclusive workplaces give firms the chance to get ahead of their competitors by making better decisions, through diverse teams which draw on a wider range of ideas and experiences.

“Companies that place inclusion at their heart are better able to secure the skills that their competitors miss out on and better able to keep the people their competitors lose.

“Ultimately, every employee can benefit from more flexible working and better decision making.”

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